The Twelfth Man

Brian Olynick —  February 14, 2014 — Leave a comment

Today I’m featuring my Valentine of 28 years….my hubby Brian Olynick! Brian is a “stay true to you” kind of guy and is a talented metaphoric/pictorial writer/speaker and thinker! I love his R1 brain! Often I misspell his name…brain/brian ūüôā¬† Needless to say, I love him and how he thinks! Take time to read this excellent write up and I hope it encourages you as it has me.

The 2014 Superbowl winners, the Seattle Seahawks, are well recognized for their¬†‘twelfth man.‘ The Seahawks scored twelve seconds into the start of the game on¬†an offensive blooper by the¬†opposing team, the Denver Broncos. The score was contributed to the¬†‘twelfth man’¬†of the hawks. As many of you know, each team is allowed eleven players on the field at a time, whether on offense or defense. The¬†‘twelfth man’¬†of the Seahawks¬†actually are the fans in attendance!

Century Link Field, Seattle’s stadium, is recognized as the loudest in the National Football League, thus the slogan the‘twelfth man.’¬†Visiting teams dread playing in Century Link as their offense struggles to hear the audibles by their quarterback which gives Seattle a crazy edge. When the hawks are on offense the¬†‘twelfth man’¬†is quiet as a church mouse so ‘their’ quarterback¬†can sound off¬†clear audibles for his team. For the record, the Seattle Seahawks are a great team with the best defense in the league…..the¬†‘twelfth man’ adds to their greatness.

When you have a ‘twelfth man’¬†factor, other good things can happen. On the kick off to start the second half,¬†Seattle ran the kickoff to score a touchdown….guess how many seconds into the half…twelve seconds!

There are 2 twelve hour segments on our clock to add up to the 24 hours in a day. Twelve can represent that time is on our side.

The¬†‘twelfth man’¬†of the Seattle Seahawks are significant fans¬†with names and faces that create an edge for their team. We all need a¬†‘twelfth man’¬†in our lives that cheer for us, celebrate us, encourage us. We need to be the¬†‘twelfth man’¬†for others too! It stimulates us to be great, be confident, walk with authority. Take a moment to recognize those¬†who are your ‘twelfth man’ in this season of your life. Also, be cognizant of who you are cheering on and celebrating. Let them know you are part of their¬†‘twelfth man!’

The¬†‘twelfth man’¬†of Seattle all have the common passion for football. Although, within the common love and¬†interest of the¬†game is great diversity, such as¬†defense, offense, coaching, special teams, etc. We all need to know what our distinctives and unique qualities are to give us an edge in our game.¬†Kristen¬†would love to assist you in this with her signature¬†Discover Your Brilliance¬†to help give you an edge in your life.

Celebrating you!

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