Kristen Olynick is a brilliant leader that has the experience and strategies for helping others discover their brilliance. She is enthusiastic, focused and professional in all she does. Congratulations Kristen on the launching of this new venture. Your expertise and winning attitude is sure to take influencers to the top!~ Claudia Santiago – Empower Strategic Success


” The Whole Brain Profile has given me greater insight on why I think the way I do, why I interact with people the way I do…and even why I like the things that I do. And to be honest I have found all this knowledge to be quite a relief. There is so much pressure in this world to be something we are not, or to succeed in things we don’t feel comfortable — to understand we are hard-wired to be the way we are silences a lot of head noise and brings a lot of internal peace. I like the way I am, and it is good to know I am the way I am because I have been made that way…there are no mistakes. If you want to gain a better understanding of who you are and why you are the way you are I would recommend Kristen and the whole brain profile. There is great peace in knowing who you are. Kristen is so kind and explains the whole process so well that the interaction with her will be as invigorating as the results.” ~ Murray Dueck – Author & Teacher


‘My passion & focus in this season of life is to understand myself even more & in doing so to understand those I love even better. A key to success in any relationship is to improve one’s communication skills. I love my kids, grandkids & great grandkids & building a legacy of wealth, which includes relationship, is of utmost importance to me. The whole brain profile is the tool to assist everyone in enhancing all relationships by better understanding yourself.”
~Beth Freudenberger, Retired Elementary School Teacher
“The brain profile assessment was great for me because it brought clarity to who I am and how I do things. The way I process information, along with my personality and the way I live life are a cause for celebration. It’s as if a light bulb went on for me when Kristen and I went through the results and saw what is natural, comfortable and uncomfortable for my brain. I am thankful for this assessment because it has helped me refine my career choices and understand others.”
~ Jamie Kulmatycki – Business/Administration & Fitness Specialist


 ” I love the brain profile because it is so personal to me it doesn’t box me in like personality tests so often do. It has helped me by affirming who I am, how I think and how I function as a person. I feel more at liberty to be myself and excited about who I am! I feel like I’m on track career wise and have clear direction for future opportunities I can pursue.”
~ Heidi Maclaren – Hairstylist & Mommy
Yesterday I had my consultation with Kristen Olynick after having my brain profiled , and let me tell you I was BLOWN away. I was sceptical about what she could tell me that I didn’t already know about myself but I honestly did not expect to have so many ” ah ha ” moments and to learn so much about why it is I succeed in certain area’s without any effort and yet struggle in others no matter how hard I tried. If you ever wondered why it is you can’t seem to find a job you like, or why you can’t seem to succeed at certain things you should definetly check her out. She is amazing! ( so is the brain profiling program she uses lol ) - Katharine Wall – Special Education Specialist


I am really glad that I did the Whole Brain Profile.  I am in a time of transition in my life, and the profile helped confirm the things I was feeling, and has helped me to determine my next steps.  The profile also gave permission to fully love and accept “me” in greater ways.   This is who I am, and it’s awesome and amazing!!  It has helped me to understand the “why’s” of how I think, and the things I love to do.  I recommend this to anyone who is on a journey to understanding themselves!!  Thanks Kristen, you and your work brings freedom and life to people!! – Karen Ramsey – Business/Church Leader


Wedding Testimonials:

Kristen was one of the best decisions I made when it came to my wedding! She was personable and very professional… She made me feel relaxed and comfortable every time we talked on the phone or met up in person. You can tell she really cares and treats every wedding as if it was her own! She personalized our ceremony and really made it about my partner and I… which is exactly what we wanted! And… all of our guests LOVED her! I received comments like “that was the best ceremony I have ever witnessed!” I was still hearing really positive comments weeks after the wedding about Kristen! I would recommend Kristen in a heartbeat to anyone… and did I forget to mention how beautiful she is? ;)


“Thank you again Kristen, for doing such an amazing job with our ceremony. Everyone told us that it was so clearly a reflection of us and that makes us so happy! We’ve just gotten back from our honeymoon and have been looking at the footage that our videographer shot of the ceremony – brings tears of happiness to our eyes!” ~ Eliza and Ryan 


Reuben and I both felt an overwhelming sense of joy and happiness being in your presence. I can’t tell you how many of our guests came up to me after and said, “Who was the lady who married you both? She is amazing!”. A few actually asked if you were a relative of mine because we look alike! I take that as a huge compliment!  Your 29 years of marriage sounds amazing to me. I am extremely excited to embark on our new journey as husband and wife, but am not blind to the fact that there will be challenging times! Communication and trust are two key factors to a successful marriage I hear, so this will be something we both put a lot of time into!  Again, can’t thank you enough for your kindness and openness—and most of all, your positivity and radiance!  xo Ashley and Reuben Major!


We just wanted to say thank you again! You made our ceremony perfect.” ~ Brittany and Thomas


“We wanted to thank you for helping to create a truly memorable ceremony for us.  We had an awesome day, filled with love, laughter, wonderful memories. Everyone loved the ceremony and our wedding party commented on how much they enjoyed meeting and being able to share time with you at the Rehearsal dinner, it really helped to create that sense of community and coming together. We would love to keep in touch with you and to have you and your husband over for dinner sometime in the near future.  You are such a wonderful person and we are truly blessed that you agreed to officiate our wedding ceremony, you set the tone for what turned out to be a day filled with many blessings.  We hope that the success of your 30 year marriage will rub off on us.” ~ Mike & Joanne


Thank you so much Kristen! 

We feel lucky to have had you officiate our wedding, it was great fun and you were able to calm my nerves.  Thanks for all your help along the way!
Courage & Krystina
    I am guilty of always looking at how the future will play out and forget to enjoy today, right now, for what it is. So when I said “yes” to my now-husband’s proposal, all I could think about was my wedding and how it will play out, and kept forgetting to enjoy my engagement! As the day neared and anxiety started to rise, we hired Kristen to be our officiant. I had outlined exactly how I wanted my ceremony as I had a constant replay of my future ceremony playing in my head. We wanted a non-traditional ceremony that celebrated us and our union and we got just that. The day came and so did Kristen, ready with an outline that we drafted together. It was perfect. Because of Kristen, I was able to enjoy today, right now, exactly how it is. With all of the little stumbles and laugh-worthy moments that weren’t accounted for! Do I recommend her? Absolutely! She is not only a wonderful and open minded officiant (who won’t preach for 30 min at your wedding), but a loving and open hearted soul that sees all the good in the world. Her presence as you walk down the aisle, or nervously wait for your bride to arrive, will calm your nerves and let you enjoy every moment of your special day, exactly how it is.
Stephen & Stacey
Thank you so much for the lovely ceremony! We feel so fortunate to have had you there to walk us through it and you made it very special for us. It was exactly what we had hoped for, it felt very “us”. It was wonderful to meet you and a pleasure to have you join us in celebration!
We will never forget it!
Carla and Cam and Koa "</p
Thank you so much! It was certainly a magical and beautiful day! Couldn’t have pictured it any other way now. We are so happy and excited for what is next. Thank you so much for helping us commit to each other! Brittany & Nick

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