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He had a burning inside him.  It didn’t make sense to the logical mind.  He had just completed a degree in business and with his upbringing it appeared to redicecreamparlorbe the career direction he would be best suited for. His parents had been business owners all his life; owning ice cream parlors, bowling alley’s during the 50′s and 60′s, booming enterprises for young people and families.

With a wife and two babies to provide for, student loans to pay back as well as parents, his business degree was going to be put to good use and get him started in order to pay back the monies owed and build a future for his young family.  He got a job working for a company.

colorbowlingalleyIt was apparent quite early on….an unsettling feeling….a feeling of disillusionment, sadness……being trapped.  It wasn’t too long before he mentioned to his young wife, “I can’t do this for the rest of my life. I want to go West!  I want to go where there are trees, forests, greenery…..”

carThey packed up and drove and drove and drove.  Three thousand miles in a 1954 Ford station wagon with 2 babies and a heart full of hope!  Applying and being accepted into the University of Oregon’s Forestry Program was a dream come true.  Another 4 years….more student loans….and baby #3!

Having completed his 2nd degree, he was employed…..this time….up North!  Canada!  Packing up his growing family, in the same car, they drove north, not thousands of miles this time, just hundreds.  Passing through the US/Canada border March 22, 1966 with the interior of BC being the final destination.  And baby #4 was added.  He would go on to be employed with the same company for the next 22 years of his life… a Forester.mancar

I honor this man for many reasons.  His adventurous spirit, not easy especially in the 60′s (remember there was no internet, long distance phoning was extremely expensive, it was an whole different world back then).  He adjusted course even when it didn’t make sense to others (parents, in-laws, siblings, friends etc).  He had grown up in the business arena, wouldn’t it be ‘natural’ to use the skills and experience acquired?  Instead, he chose to follow his heart……it took time, energy, money, yet he chose to stay true to himself despite the misunderstanding of others and he pursued his passions.

As a Forester, his hobbies and interests could also be lived out more easily;  hunting, fishing, hiking and living in the great outdoors!  Kudos to this man…….this man is indeed…….my dad!

I could have helped dear old dad save literally thousands of dollars on his education costs by simply having his brain profile done.

I can help you get on your right path…..the first time! It is not only possible, it can save you thousands of dollars!



It was the summer of…….’83!  Yeah I know, the song refers to the summer of ’69 but I graduated high school in 1983!  I realized the other day that it was 30 years ago this June and just as our theme song said, “Only time will tell”……sandsoftimeFor me the importance is not who did what or who married who……..but rather who stayed true to themselves!  In the brilliant words of Dr. Seuss, ‘‘Today you are YOU that is truer than true. There is no one alive that is youer than YOU.’  ….30 years ago, I reflect and remember this…….Dr__Seuss_Quote_by_pianoxlove112

I was appointed grad President that year and I took on the responsibilities with zeal & great zest!  I wanted it to be the best year, the best memories made, the best experiences possible for all, especially me!  If I had to endure another year of school and living in a small BC town, I was going all in!

It soon became evident that there were certain ‘ways’ that every grad class did things; from the ceremony, dinners, even fund raising was done ‘just so’  Being a strong minded and unconventional sort of person, I immediately set up a meeting with the school Principal.  To make a long story shorter… curious mind & longing to understand ‘why’ we had to do things the same way as every other year, was surprisingly met with great receptivity from the Principal, which even to this day I give a lot of credit to.  Instead of deeming me ‘rebellious, difficult, or demanding’, he saw me!  A person with a strong preference for ‘out of the box’ thinking, creativity, lets’ do things….. differently!  I would go on in life not receiving such ‘grace’ and receptivity from a few employers and mostly…….in the church as unfortunately Creativitycrayonmany are threatened when others think differently than they do or question why things are done the same way over and over again (remember the definition of insanity?  To do the same thing over again expecting different results….geesh!)   Back to my story…..

From the location of the ceremony (it had always been held in the school gym), can’t for the life of me understand why!  To fund raising (didn’t do the redhelicopterusual car washes & bake sales :)  To arriving for graduation (some were so creative they actually arrived in helicopters!)  All in all, it was a very creative, one of a kind graduation that was enjoyed by all. Once creativity is encouraged and routine and habit broken, everybody can be creative! 

Knowing myself the way I do (and staying true to being me), as well as being a whole brain practitioner, I desire to assist pechildwonderople, all people, parents, employers, church leaders to name a few, to understand the importance of seeing the world around you, in all its wonder,  in a whole brain way…..this will lead to peace, prosperity of soul, deeper intimacy in relationships and needless to say, a better quality of life.

Don’t wait, don’t hesitate to understand your brain preferences……..only time will tell!


loveheartI recently had the privilege of sitting down with a dynamic couple!  Dynamic for many reasons really.  First, they have been married for 35 years!  They work together on a day to day basis, have 4 children & 2 grandchildren and have many similar interests and hobbies.  I am not suggesting life has been a bed of roses by any means.  But I did come to realize this one thing about them…..this one crucial key to their success…..creatingyourself

They have done the work!  And still choosing to do more!  They have invested in themselves and in their marriage throughout the years, creating the relationship and life they always dreamed of.  That’s right;  they simply discovered that, ‘Life isn’t about finding yourself.  Life is about creating yourself.’

Both have used a variety of profiling tools to assist in understanding themselves better.   With being business owners, they knew the way to success in all relationships including business, is to use tools that lead to understanding yourself and others, with the goal being peace & harmony…….and prosperity!

I was certainly excited to share my discoveries on both their brain profiles as I knew they would find value in what I would disclose to them.  It’s a1362979340_breaking-the-chainsmazing what our brain preferences reveal!  For some, it brings great clarity.  For others, shows how powerful they really are which leads to having greater purpose.  And still for others……it means leaving behind ‘voices’ of those who labeled you, boxed you in, misjudged and misunderstood you.  The “ah ha’s,” the light switch turning on, that which is revealed is worth……everything!  “Since doing my profile I feel like someone came and took ‘invisible chains’ off. Things that have been negatives are now positives, and the direction I want to go in is that much clearer.”

My hat goes off to this beautiful couple for staying the course, staying true to themselves, to each other, and for their humility, “If you already know everything, you will never learn anything.”

In all the profiling tools they have used and all the work they have done,  I was still anticipating the wonder they would experience during our consultation!  I knew there was more to be discovered!  The following is a post made by the husband:

“Ha, who knew? Turns out I am more RIGHT-BRAINED than LEFT-BRAINED?!?!?!

Though I have a “high preference” in the left cerebral part, dominated by “the analyst” – it is trumped by a “very very high preference for the right cerebral dominated by “the imagineer”

At the limbic level, again my right-brain “empathizer” is stronger than the left-brained preserver and even “the organizer”

“Seriously – I am surprised.”surprise

Do you like surprises!  Most people do…’s the little child in all of us!  Looking for the perfect Father’s Day gift?  Look no further!  He doesn’t need another tie, or even an ice cream cake (calories calories calories!)  Give him a gift that will help him create the life of his dreams……oh, and be certain it will bring him a delightful surprise!   CLICK HERE FOR PACKAGES STARTING AT $57


27 Dresses

Kristen Olynick —  April 5, 2013 — 2 Comments

Tribute to my 27th Wedding Anniversary Today!

I wore my first and only wedding dress 27 years ago today!  What a brilliant day that was!  As I walked down the aisle in my 80′s style ‘Princess Diana’ dress including an extra long train, of course, I watched as my husband to be, Brian, was being steadied by the minister……I guess my beauty was a bit overwhelming!  Needless to say, Brian would go on to need several more ‘steadying’ moments being married to a ‘few’ years younger, strong-minded, impatient fun loving bride!

Take my wedding dress for example.  It was the very first one I saw, tried on and that was it, done.  No messing around, hemming/hawing, just make the decision and getter done!

Little did I know at the time, that this trait of mine, making quick decisions which is neither right nor wrong, for me it just is, would become something I would come to not only recognize I had, but I would actually embrace.  At different times over the years, this ability, this skill (trust me, over time I have learned to do my due diligence!), would be a great asset to us.

Backing up the story just a wee bit to the first time I laid eyes on the man who would become my husband.  I was driving with my younger sister in ‘new territory’ when we came to a stop sign.  I looked up and on top of a building was a god!  Seriously, a blond haired, tanned manly man my eyes beheld!

I would not set eyes on my golden boy for another 5 months.  When our paths finally met up, it was love!  Upon our first ‘deep’ conversation, meaning not in the presence of any others, we admitted we were ‘into’ each other.  Five days later, we were engaged with a beautiful ring on my finger, and 4 months to the day I was walking down the aisle!

During that walk…..I realized I barely knew this man that in minutes I was going to say “I Do” to.  Somehow, someway, i just knew I was embarking on a journey of a lifetime, an adventure, a wild water rafting thriller!  We were going all in and we would be lifers!  The good, the bad, the ugly ‘the better or worse’ would be our reality and our vows to each other.Summer-Dresses3

To commemorate each year of my marriage, I would purchase a dress, usually in the spring time or early summer.  They weren’t necessarily white, any color, all colors!  Yet, each year I would find myself as I was 27 years ago…..purchasing the first one that caught my eye, ‘spoke to me’ and with no hesitation, I would buy it!

2stock-photo-several-women-s-multicolored-summer-dresses-5490627 dresses later…….my closet full, my heart even more full.  I am so happy to have married ‘on a whim’ the one who ‘spoke to my heart’.  A guy that is pure gold and worth more than 27 dresses to me!


Cheers to marriage.  Cheers to my marriage. Cheers to 27 dresses.  Oh, by the way, I am going shopping tomorrow… guessed it!  For my 28th dress!