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I learned a valuable lesson the other day. I hope I will remember it always, because it cost me something, actually it cost me quite a lot. It began when I was working diligently on several projects that were of great importance to me. I was committed to focusing on my business’ and giving them the time, energy and yes, the focus that they required and that I would remain true to myself. I was writing again, and really wanted to gain focussome ground with my book as well as pour myself into my other passions, namely my consulting and skin care business’.

I got the “call” just before noon. My girlfriend who runs several homes for special needs kids was in need of help. Oh no! Just that word “help” and people like me melt. See, I’m a right brain lower limbic (R2) empathsizer and just the word “help” or “I need you” are next to impossible for me to ignore. In a moment, I found myself saying, “I’ll be there!” Dropping everything I was working on, I made a quick call to a client to rearrange our consultation and I was out the door on my way to “help.” For some of you, this is not a distraction for you. Yet, for some wired like me, this is our distraction. We all have them, they just come in different shapes and sizes.

Off I drove to pick up the young girl in need from school. All went well for the first 2 hours of my shift. Until. From nowhere came the first punch. Then the death grip on my arm, which I still have the bruises today. The biting attempts were rather unnerving for me. Sure, I have a background in nursing and have raised a special needs adopted daughter, but a new “caregiver” can trigger a lot and trigger I sure did! Next came the worst “tackle” of my life as I was totally caught off guard. She sprang through the air, full body contact and crashed into me, pummeling my face, kicking and biting. My glasses were smashed with large chunks of my hair pulled out.  It was a bad scene.

The moral of my story because I choose to learn something from all my life experiences, the good, the bad and the ugly is, losing one’s focus… just may get beat up! The days following this incident I was very sore and needed a chiropractic adjustment as well as new glasses. I also took time to ponder my life’s choices specifically my behaviors. It’s not a bad thing or wrong to be helpful, to desire to help friends out or people with true needs. However, it is not beneficial if this behavior is fueled by doing so to neglect what is truly a need of your own….to focus on what is important to you….to believe in yourself and what your purpose in life is. For me, I so celebrate my friend’s vision and her business, yet to neglect my own is just that, neglectful.

It’s been said that if you don’t have a vision of your own support someone elses’ until you discover your own. I am 100% for you discovering your vision, your passion, to help YOU be successful.  Yes, it’s true….we may even need to refocus at times as we are all a work in progress :) And remember, what we focus on we empower!refocus

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fridayyetFriday’s…..gotta love them!  Many live by the popular song, “Everybody’s working for the weekend”, and of course we all know what TGIF is referring to…. some time off, down time, me time.  Friday’s child is a well known poem, this child is loving and giving.  And from this particular thought comes my theme today.tgif

But before I go there…there is another Friday that is on the radar recently and that is Black Friday.  Many consumers hit shopping malls for “good deals” and some reserve their Christmas shopping for this designated time.  In fact, this Black Friday was the first time I decided to brave the crowds, and the sleepless night and experience this phenomenon.  It really was an experience, yet, not as profound as the “stories” I had heard.  It was a lot less spectacular than I had conjured in my mind.  Having nothing on my list to buy I was simply “along for the ride.” Many rushed from shop to shop, standing in long line ups, multiple bags in hand, and a steaming Starbucks in the other.  blackfriday

I believe getting good deals is most people’s focus on Black Friday, yet I do understand that we (Americans & Canadians in general) have a facination with shopping, buying the latest gadget and keeping up with the Jones’.  Statistically speaking, Black Friday and the Christmas season shopping have a tendency to cause overspending and stress upon those who engage in excess.  Will Smith’s quote comes to mind, Too many people spend money they haven’t earned, to buy things they don’t want, to impress people they don’t like.”

Dani Johnson, another high profile public figure has a lot to say about our shopping tendencies and overspending, “It’s time for you to keep some of that money! We have to train our brains… you can train your brain to adopt the mindset of a champion. Are you going to have a winner’s brain or you going to become part of the cattle shopping stampede? And, after all the frenzy and stress and chaos have passed and you’re ready to face a shiny New Year, what will you have to show?  DEBT!  Vacation bills, credit card bills, high-interest loans bring the crushing feeling of starting off yet another year with both old and new debt.”debt

Wow, she’s radical!  Suggesting we keep some of our money?!! Say what? Talk about going against the flow!  When you think about it, what do we do with all the “stuff” we buy anyway?

Let’s go back to Friday’s child who is loving and giving….how’s this for a radical thought, “Instead of buying even more “stuff” what if we chose to give gifts that would have real meaning and to stop and remember the real reason for the season.”  I challenge you to think about this holiday season differently. Instead of digging yourself deeper and deeper into that black hole of debt, what if you shine a light of hope into the lives of those in true need.

I love Friday’s child…she’s loving and giving. Yet, giving is not to create a mountain of debt that causes more stress than any one person is made to handle.  How about this season we give out of our abundance…..abundance of heart, what truly does matter and what makes a difference in the lives of others.  Give hugs, smiles, acts of kindness, share meals together, board game time, walks in the snow…there are so many ways to express ourselves other than giving from a place of debt to creating more debt for ourselves.

Oh, today is Friday!  Happy Friday from a girl who was born on a Friday making me a true Friday’s child…..lots of love sent to you today:)

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Thanksgiving…..having been born in the USA, yet living my entire life in Canada (finally a dual citizen after 40 plus years:) I love being able to celebrate both Thanksgivings, one in October and the other in November.  It’s a great way to truly be intentional with my heart…. being thankful and giving thanks.


At the top of my list is relationships and that is my focus today.  Relationships are the bedrock, the foundation of life….both in business and in family, in everything.  We are created to relate, no one can survive for long periods of time alone.  Tom Hank’s character in “Cast Away” demonstrates the need we have, the need for relationship with at least one other person.  His soccer ball, Wilson, served metaphorically to be his friend, his only friend while stranded on an uninhabited island. He wouldn’t have made it without Wilson:)Wilson_castaway

It doesn’t matter our personality styles, introvert or extrovert, neither what motivates us, nor our giftings, talents, preferences or learning and leadership styles….relationships are at the heart of the matter.  In fact, the beauty of diversity in harmony is what is truly powerful.


One of the greatest challenges of the 21st century is to create and maintain meaningful relationships.  Understanding your own thinking preferences and your partner’s as well as your closest friends’ can go a long way towards deepening insight into differences, grasping that we do not all have to think and do the same things.  I recently saw a post on face book from a male ‘friend’ stating he did not understand females at all.  My immediate thought was, “Dude, discover your-self and your thinking preferences first, then you’ll be better able to understand others, even those of the opposite sex.”

Many relationships are fragile at best.  We sometimes lack tolerance towards differences. Understanding your brain preferences and those around you will impact your relationships and go a long way towards growing understanding, snoopylovetolerance and excitement instead of criticism and the constant battle of trying to change others to be more like us!  Discover your own thinking style, as remember our first relationship is with our self!

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I prefer vampire movies, such as the Twilight Saga or even Dracula….they take blood from you, not deposit nasty critters into your blood system!


Filariasis or better known as elephantiasis is a tropical disease you get from a mosquito more common to places in Africa, yet one got to Central America where I was living and yes, bit me and 13 years later……I am still dealing with the pesky demon’s deposit…..

…..worms in my lympWuchereria_bancrofti_1_DPDXhatic system!!

The stage I’m in is called lymphedema.  My lymph system is clogged up…with dying worm carcasses and their products such as their waste materials etc….so disgusting!

I am left extremely swollen and at times physically exhausted.  One of the more painful stages of this tropical disease is the first stage where the worms are mating, yes, that’s right, they mate.  Due to their nocturnal make-up, from 10pm till midnight they would come out of their resting place, in the lymph nodes of my right arm and proceed to carry on their sexual activity in my arm, which was excruciating pain to say the least as our lymph vessels are very tiny.elephantiasis

I have tried everything under the sun to kill, destroy, manage and reduce the numbers, in the thousands I’m told, of these parasitic demons.  I was fortunate 10 years ago to bring my state into remission, where I was asymptomatic, which means they weren’t harming me and I could get on with living.  Unfortunately, nearly 2 years ago, I became symptomatic as guess what….they woke up and came out to play again!

Last Spring, my girlfriend Teresa discovered what she thought may cure me of my nightmare.  She had researched and found information on essential oils that may kill these particular parasites and bring relief as well.  With her persistence, I finally gave the recommended oils a try.  I did not expect what was to come.        Expect the unexpected was truly the case here.

Within a 3 week period, there was a noticeable difference in my energy level and let me tell you….if that were all that I was to receive that would have been enough!  But there was more goodness to come.  I soon began to see a difference in swelling, in particular my abdomen and arms.  I had put on over 15 pounds of fluid in a years time.  Five pounds of fluid came off very quickly and being able to move about better I was able to go for walks and have increased these walks to 6km up hills along with a great hike this past summer up Mt. Cheam!  And Teresa was right there with me, or rather, leading the charge!mtcheamI am not one to with-hold good news from friends!  I continue to use essential oils daily and have introduced family and friends to the joy of healthy living using these oils to bring relief from pain, better nutrition, improvement in health and energy etc.

Below is a list of oils that I use and what I use them for:

 2 drops of peppermint 2 drops of lemon oil in 1/2 glass of water every morning. The best organ cleanse on the planet!  I can feel my liver singing!

Frankincense (inflammation, lowers cortisol, etc)

Melaleuca (anti-fungal, virus, candida etc)

Zendocrine (liver, etc)

Oregano (anti-parasitic etc)

- 1 drop under tongue twice a day or in a small amount of water

I use the following topically, rubbed on my abdomen, arms and bottoms of feet:

Frankincense, Lavender, Eucalyptus

Cheers to health and happiness!



Did you know that children laugh over 400 times a day!  Whereas, adults laugh a mere 15 times a day…..who’s more fun to hang out with!  I love children and playing with them is such a joy!  Their simplicity, adventure, curiosity, love, passion are so contagious, they just fill me up.  I’ve worked with children for over 2 decades and now as a grandma, living life with my grand kids I continue to be in awe of the joy that children are and bring!

The saying, “Laughter does good like a medicine” is not only a great declaration it is actually a true fact!  New research indicates that laughing with friends releases feel-good chemicals, which also relieves pain.  Until now, scientists haven’t proven that like exercise and other activities, laughing causes a release of endorphins.  For my upper left-hemisphere thinkers…researchers believe that the long series of exhalations that accompany true laughter cause physical exhaustion of the abdominal muscles and in turn, trigger endorphin release. From experience, I just know laughter makes me feel better! 

imagination-mindmapAnother important trait of children is their vast and abundant imagination.  Children often use narratives or pretend play in order to exercise their imagination. The make-believe, out of the box, forming new images in the mind that have not been previously experienced, creativity and artistic expression assist the mind to be free from external limitations.  My 4 year old granddaughter Evah, is a right brain upper cerebral thinker.  She is artistic, expressive, unconventional, loves variety and using her imagination.  Recently, while playing together, we had lost a member of our “paper doll princess going to the ball” ensemble.  Evah said to me, “Mama, let’s close our eyes and use our imagination to show us where the doll is, cause it works!”  She closed her eyes tightly and visualized the missing princess piece. And find it we did!  The best part of Evah’s imagination, to me, is how much joy she receives.  photo-23You will often hear her laughing….out loud…to one of her made up jokes or silly stories she loves to tell.  Yes, they are “off the wall” with little logic to them, yet fill her heart and mine with great happiness and laughter!  And really, we should laugh until our belly hurts and then just a little bit more!

The popular song, “What the World Needs Now is Love Sweet Love” is absolutely true.  I just might add…..and huge doses of laughter!  We adults have a bit of catching up to do with our kids…..15 to 400!  With awareness of the extreme benefits that laughter does to our hearts and minds and to our immune systems, we should be practicing this “homemade trait” more often!  Today, sit down and play with a child, turn on a funny TV program, visit with a long time friend and share fond memories together. this-laughter Your body, soul and mind are longing for that deep full belly laugh….come on now….laugh out loud!

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While raising our son, like many parents, my husband and I wanted to teach and instill values in him that reflected our core beliefs, that would help him to become a good citizen, contribute to society and most importantly that he would like himself and therefore enjoy others.  Giving….learning to receive and to give to others is a strong value of ours as a family.  Practicing generosity was high on our day to day list.

A girl plays on an artwork made of unwanted toys at the solo exhibition of Japanese artist Hiroshi Fuji, in TokyoWhen our son Caleb was 8 years old, we sold everything, our house, belongings, pets, everything, to move to Mexico and then on to Central America for a period of four years.  Living in a 33 foot trailer we couldn’t keep a lot of ‘stuff’  We would practice the “river principle.”  When something came in, something had to go out.  For example, when Caleb received a new toy from someone, he had to give a toy to another child otherwise we would get a build up of stuff and we just didn’t have room.

The “river principle” would become a part of our value system lived out not only in the toy department but in almost every area of life.  We would learn to receive generously as well as to give generously.  This transferred into diverse forms of giving; kind & encouraging words, tokens of appreciation, volunteering of time, helping hands and the giving of gifts.stock-footage-mountain-river-flows-among-the-deciduous-forest-steep-banks-fast-flowing

Grooming a selfless, generous, giving spirit in your child is not only possible and highly beneficial to them and to society in general, this will also combat the “give me now” generation that is wreaking havoc that we sometimes encounter in our families, in grocery store line ups, schools etc.  Yes it’s true, out of our need for living space we began practicing the “river principle” yet, truthfully we began when our son was much younger.  He was an only child who could have had it all, new clothes, new toys, new everything.  Yet, we chose to take the advise we heard from Oprah Winfrey which was, “Act as if you have 5 kids!”  Such great advice!  Totally useful as we would go on to help run a children’s home in the middle of the jungle in Central America!

While there, teaching and training the impoverished children, we taught and lived out the “river principle.”  It’s amazing what would be given to the children in the home!  They would receive far more than what they needed.  Along with our son, they would choose one item to keep and one to give away.   With joy, the children would load up the ‘extra’ toys, clothes, etc into our truck and off we would go to the villages to joyfully give out of our overflow.  The river was always flowing. kidsgiving

Problems, trouble, bad attitude, ‘give me this give me that’ kind of mentality is actually easier to solve than most parents realize.  We do our kids a huge disservice by not teaching and modeling to serve others……..we must keep the river flowing.  Water that gets stagnant and plugged up, becomes stinky, dirty, and is not useful.

To become a good giver you actually have to become a good receiver.  Perhaps, we as parents should focus more on how to receive properly. By developing a thankful heart, saying the simple words, “Thank you” is such a great place to start!  From that place giving would be a much simpler step and the river would keep on flowing!16149_thankyou_smiley

I understand that teaching core values and modeling good behavior is of utmost priority to you as a parent.  To assist you in this worthy calling (the ancient Proverb comes to mind, “Train up a child in the way he/she should go”), there are several profiles available to you:

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Cheers to your success and happiness!

Always in your corner, Kristen

What led me to be trained and certified as a NBI Whole Brain Practitioner is quite a story – a story of frustration to be honest.  I do have a diverse career and life background and I have felt I was a “Jack of All Trades, Master of None.”  In my most recent career field, I was frustrated, felt trapped and had given up hope for things changing even to the point of physical illness – it had gotten that bad.jackofalltrades

My problem, let me say it again, MY problem, was I did not know what I wanted.  I had lived this way for years and it showed!  A friend of mine recommended I have my brain profiled to discover what my brain preferred and to help me rediscover what I really wanted to do with my life.  I had entered the “Mid Life” years and desired to do something with my life that I would be passionate about, dare I even hope good at, and most importantly that I would add value to other people’s lives.

I found exactly what I was looking for!  My brain profile helped to clarify MY preferences, no one else’s, no one’s suggestions for what I should or shouldn’t do, but the profile showed exactly what my brain preferred and I chose a life path that has brought me greater joy than I have experienced in a very long time!

I HAD to pursue knowing more about this incredible tool that I was so thankful in discovering.  If it helped me as much as it had, and still does, I was hopeful that it too would help others that I knew were in a similar place as me.

Perhaps you chose a career a long time ago that was a “wise” thing to do or a “safe” move at the time.  Or it is possible you are in a field of work that your parents had desired for you.  Or maybe you are simply “lost” or “stuck” and need some clarity and direction.  Man Sitting In Valley As we all know, relationships are fragile, it could be that you need to understand yourself better in order to improve your awareness and understanding of those closest to you for more peace and harmony for everyone.

I do know this…..there is nothing new under the sun, and somehow someway we are all similar in that we are on a journey and perhaps that is where you are at today…...the road to discover your brilliance!road-to-discovery-642-380

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cartoonsingingI remember singing this song, “Never the Same Again” in church when I was about 16 years old.  It was like the version of American/Canadian Idol, it had to be as I wasn’t a good singer nor my girlfriend who accompanied me.  I guess to deal with my boredom, as I was made to attend church services by my parents, I signed up to sing this duet.  Thank goodness my older sister accompanied us on the piano and added her amazing voice and harmony!

Little did I know that a few years later I would experience the words of this particular song in a very real way….. I would never be the same again.  My sister was due to have her baby in 6 weeks and my family was very excited to add another little one to the close knit family that we airshowwere.  I remember it was the ‘Air Show’ weekend in my city and my brother & his family were visiting.  All seemed normal until……

Receiving the phone call that my sister, Kari, was in the hospital in need of a C-section was not a real shock as she had had a tough pregnancy battling with toxemia and on bed rest most of the time.  I eagerly grabbed my bag and headed to the hospital knowing I would soon be holding the precious bundle in my arms!  August 10th at 7pm, as the doctor came out of the OR, his face demonstrated something, I just couldn’t put my finger on it, but in seconds I would.  Kari died shortly after her baby girl was delivered.  The mystery of what happened would take weeks to discover, but for now in this moment, on August 10th at 7pm I had to register this news that hit my ears but not my brain…….it just wasn’t true, it couldn’t be, who dies in childbirth these days in Canada!  My mind went into shock mode and I heard the first words out of my mouth, “No, she isn’t!”  I was determined to see her to prove the doctor wrong.  My persistence was given in to and I was led into the room where she was.  She lay on a cot with tubes coming out of her mouth….death had indeed taken her.

I would never be the same again.crumpled paper

Pain ripped through my body.  It was cutting, cruel and merciless.  The next few days were ones of deep darkness, void of feeling, a stupor.  We had a funeral to plan because that’s what we do…..we prepare a large event with our hearts cut out of us, walking around like zombies a week after someone we love dies. We do this so others get closure and can move on with their lives…..While preparing for Kari’s funeral I distinctly heard a voice within me. I felt an impression on my heart and as I leaned into it more I heard, “This will make you either better or bitter.”  It was so loud, so real, so powerful.  During the months following my precious sister’s tragic and sudden death, I would play these words over and over again in my mind.  neverthesame1

I made a decision, even with the intense grief I was in… refuse to be bitter, as I knew this would not be beneficial to those I loved, to myself, nor to Kari’s legacy……her beautiful daughter! And from this decision, this choice made, I can honestly say, “I’ve never been the same again!”


Making a decision is both profound and powerful and affects who we are.  Our decisions put us on a path to discover our purpose in life and gives us the power to keep moving forward!  We are never the same again as we go from increase to increase and discovery to discovery!

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Changing for the better,


I am made aware lately and not to my liking, that I can no longer read the labels on products in the grocery store without my glasses.  Digging for my glasses from my hand bag while holding a can of soup is becoming rather irritating for me.  I may find myself checking into laser eye surgery in the very near future!

womangrocerystoreI am one who prefers to read labels.  I don’t like not knowing what’s inside.  If companies and governments find it  beneficial to put labels of the contents on the products, then I am certainly taking the time out of my busy schedule to read them.

Labels…..this experience, (of digging for my glasses to read the labels) triggered a dream I had awhile ago.  In the dream, I was covered with a whole bunch of sticky notes,womanstickynotes the kind used in offices everywhere and by the very organized ones in the home.  I had dozens of yellow sticky notes all over my body.  Each note had a word/name on it.  And I realized in my dream, the words were what others had deemed me to be.  Not saying they were all bad, but knowing how I felt in my dream I sensed the labels were not liberating.  In the next part of my dream, a wind began to blow, and all the sticky notes blew away and there I was…..label free!

In regards to purchasing food items, labeling is super beneficial.  Yet, when it comes to people……I believe labeling someone so that another can put them ‘into a box’ is wrong. womaninbox We are all so multi-dimensional it is impossible to figure any one person out completely and why would we even want to, it would ruin the adventure of discovery!  Relationships begin to die when we label and place people in boxes.

At the time of my dream, I was experiencing this very thing, there were some who were trying to figure me out, put a label on me, “You’re this, or you’re that.”  Trust me, it wasn’t to better me….it was so they could create boxes, which limits people’s natural  and supernatural expressions.   Not a liberating experience at all!

A wise king once wrote, “As a man thinks in his heart so is he.” What you believe about yourself can redefine you. Knowing yourself is worth the time, effort, and investment as this leads to taking limits/labels off and anything that constricts, restricts and confines you because you are not placed into a box but rather you are in a wide open spaceous place that allows for creativity, discovery, and exploration! 

Usually fear or ignorance is at the root of people attempting to control others by putting labels on them or putting them into boxes.  Always remember that understanding yourself leads to clarity which is power and you are created to be a powerful person.

SkyHighway copy

Don’t ever let anyone turn your sky into a ceiling!  Take the limits off….or better yet….take the labels off!

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This Too Shall Pass

Kristen Olynick —  July 17, 2013 — 2 Comments

 boardgame2I’m asked, “What is one thing that people don’t know about you?”  I’m sure you have been as well.  It’s a question asked while playing board games and I love digging deep to try to find something creative that no one around the game table would know about me…….which is tricky when you’ve been married for 27 years and he’s playing too!

Putting lightness aside for a moment and I promise, (myself mostly), it will be for just a moment.  One thing that most people for certain do not know about me is how difficult it is to raise a special needs adoptive daughter, (she came to us when she was 11 years old), and who also struggles with mental health issues.

Today our precious daughter is in her low, or depressed state of what has been diagnosed as bi-polar.  There is usually several days of lowness before the big “dip”  Try as we do to prevent, de-trigger & avoid the “dip,” alas it comes……brutally, painfully…… for her, my husband and me.

It’s true the low stage will pass…..I declare one of my favorite scripture verses of all time often during this stage, “This too shall pass.”   It helps.shot-thru-heart-6312033

Yes, brighter days follow this intense time….yet, the pain involved is fatiguing and leaves an arrow in my heart.

Some of my close friends will ask me, “What does it look like during this time?”  See, like most parents of special needs/mental health children, we tend to cover, to hide behind closed doors, to certainly not expose the ‘ugliness’ of our daughter’s behavior at this time.  We suffer in silence.  When I do open up and share (just a little), I am met with astonished looks as one would never know I was dealing with such trauma in my life…..and on a regular basis.

Everyone is unique and each family that deals with a loved one suffering in this way will have their own story to tell.  I am simply opening up mine.  During this low time we can expect the following:  irrational thinking and behavior, violent outbursts in word and action, destruction of property, barricading herself in her room often going 3 days without showing herself (this has included no food and using a bucket for bathroom purposes).  HandsBehindPrisonBarsVectorMaybe you can see why I don’t share this……until now.

Why now?  There are days I feel trapped, in my own home, in myself.  Not sure where to turn to for freedom from this seeming prison state.  Of course I have measures in place, support systems such as respite, mental health team, psychiatrist, art therapy, etc.  I am my daughter’s greatest advocate.  Still… feels hopeless at times.

However, two years ago, I fell trap to keeping silent and found myself stuck, immobile,  isolated, filled with pain and fear of today and the future.  I refuse to get stuck again.  Communicating and facing my pain and fear has permitted me to come out of my own self inflicted prison and I’ll never go back there…..ever again!

This too shall pass.  The brighter days are ahead.  The sun begins to peek through my daughter’s mind and suddenly there is a shift, movement, the change has come.  She will come forth, often with little memory of the intensity of what just took place.

What comes next is best described by my daughter herself, “Mom, I’m in my happy place!” hearthappyface This does bring a big smile to my face and a little one to my heart.

Have you ever gotten stuck?  I have shared how I did and one way I got ‘unstuck’ was I had my brain profile done and used this awareness to bring understanding which brought me clarity which led to me getting my power back……it can happen to you too, I believe!