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fridayyetFriday’s…..gotta love them!  Many live by the popular song, “Everybody’s working for the weekend”, and of course we all know what TGIF is referring to…. some time off, down time, me time.  Friday’s child is a well known poem, this child is loving and giving.  And from this particular thought comes my theme today.tgif

But before I go there…there is another Friday that is on the radar recently and that is Black Friday.  Many consumers hit shopping malls for “good deals” and some reserve their Christmas shopping for this designated time.  In fact, this Black Friday was the first time I decided to brave the crowds, and the sleepless night and experience this phenomenon.  It really was an experience, yet, not as profound as the “stories” I had heard.  It was a lot less spectacular than I had conjured in my mind.  Having nothing on my list to buy I was simply “along for the ride.” Many rushed from shop to shop, standing in long line ups, multiple bags in hand, and a steaming Starbucks in the other.  blackfriday

I believe getting good deals is most people’s focus on Black Friday, yet I do understand that we (Americans & Canadians in general) have a facination with shopping, buying the latest gadget and keeping up with the Jones’.  Statistically speaking, Black Friday and the Christmas season shopping have a tendency to cause overspending and stress upon those who engage in excess.  Will Smith’s quote comes to mind, Too many people spend money they haven’t earned, to buy things they don’t want, to impress people they don’t like.”

Dani Johnson, another high profile public figure has a lot to say about our shopping tendencies and overspending, “It’s time for you to keep some of that money! We have to train our brains… you can train your brain to adopt the mindset of a champion. Are you going to have a winner’s brain or you going to become part of the cattle shopping stampede? And, after all the frenzy and stress and chaos have passed and you’re ready to face a shiny New Year, what will you have to show?  DEBT!  Vacation bills, credit card bills, high-interest loans bring the crushing feeling of starting off yet another year with both old and new debt.”debt

Wow, she’s radical!  Suggesting we keep some of our money?!! Say what? Talk about going against the flow!  When you think about it, what do we do with all the “stuff” we buy anyway?

Let’s go back to Friday’s child who is loving and giving….how’s this for a radical thought, “Instead of buying even more “stuff” what if we chose to give gifts that would have real meaning and to stop and remember the real reason for the season.”  I challenge you to think about this holiday season differently. Instead of digging yourself deeper and deeper into that black hole of debt, what if you shine a light of hope into the lives of those in true need.

I love Friday’s child…she’s loving and giving. Yet, giving is not to create a mountain of debt that causes more stress than any one person is made to handle.  How about this season we give out of our abundance…..abundance of heart, what truly does matter and what makes a difference in the lives of others.  Give hugs, smiles, acts of kindness, share meals together, board game time, walks in the snow…there are so many ways to express ourselves other than giving from a place of debt to creating more debt for ourselves.

Oh, today is Friday!  Happy Friday from a girl who was born on a Friday making me a true Friday’s child…..lots of love sent to you today:)

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