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It’s Fall! Change of season. And yes, one thing that is inevitable for us all…is change.  If we aren’t growing, developing, increasing and expanding ourselves….we are actually dying, haha!  Not too encouraging but it’s a fact.  We have to keep growing ourselves.  I was recently asked by a husband (who’s wife is “taking a break” from him), ‘Kristen, how can we recover?’  My answer is this…..grow yourself.  Yup, we can’t look at the other person to change, our circumstances to change, the world to change….the one person we are truly responsible for is…..our-self!  I know this is too simple, too easy, too whatever for some to accept….but I do keep things simple.  Keep growing. Keep learning. Keep on discovering and exploring. Self awareness and understanding does lead to clarity which is power.  Be powerful. Be more. Be the change.

I do believe in personal growth and development…big time!  And one of the keys to growth is understanding your thinking preferences….which the whole brain profile does this so brilliantly.  I want you to know that there are over 20 Add On Profiles to also assist you. Click on the 3 different categories; Personal, Business and Teams, Education and Parenting:


I endeavor to practice what I preach in that I continue to grow myself. This past year I received further training/certification as a Life Coach and the piece added, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) has been phenomenal. I love the quote of Alfred Korzybski who introduced the term NLP, ” God may forgive you for your sins but your nervous system won’t.”  In other words, your subconscious mind remembers everything….it does not distinguish between real and imagined!  NLP is a brilliant way to reprogram limiting beliefs and thinking that doesn’t line up with truth…that you are brilliant!

I love that the computerized programs are easily accessible and with different platforms available we can do our coaching session in person, over the phone, on Skype etc. No limits!
If you live in the Lower Mainland….I am mobile in that if your preference is a great coffee shop I’ll meet you there!  Or you want to check out my Abbotsford office….it’s a bright colored comfy cozy (great sofa!) location too.  Otherwise….I’ll see you on Skype!

Cheers to continued growth, discovery and…..all things pumpkin!

Happy Fall 🙂







creatingyourselfI believe wholeheartedly in discovering what it is that makes you come alive, inside….and it manifests on the outside….like a huge smile on your face, a lightness in your step, less wrinkles on your brow 🙂

Sometimes the “finding” of what you like to do is not really a mystery. If you pay close attention to what happens naturally, what comes your way seemingly without effort, or what you find yourself gravitating to. For me, I always was interested in what made people come alive  I’d be asked to meet someone for coffee and listen to them talk about their options for jobs or schooling or what they wanted to do with their talents……it just seemed to be what road-to-discovery-642-380I did….naturally.

Becoming a Certified Life/Career Coach was a great fit for my thinking preferences. Discovering what you want to do or what field of study to pursue becomes a whole lot easier when you use a profiling tool. I’ve used several different ones over the past two decades. My personal preference is the NBI Whole Brain Profiling tool as it yields greater results and is scientifically based.

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I am also passionate about healthy growing relationships. I’ve been married for over 28 years to my first husband:) I am a Certified loveheartRelationship/Marriage Coach and my preference for profiling tools is Prepare/Enrich which has been used for over 3 decades with over 2.5 million couples using it.

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Did I say I love marriage?!! Yes and I love performing weddings! I am also a Licensed Wedding Officiant and have different packages for you to view by CLICKING HERE





This is a lil of what I do:)  Discovering your brilliance is my joy!

With love,