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Did you know that children laugh over 400 times a day!  Whereas, adults laugh a mere 15 times a day…..who’s more fun to hang out with!  I love children and playing with them is such a joy!  Their simplicity, adventure, curiosity, love, passion are so contagious, they just fill me up.  I’ve worked with children for over 2 decades and now as a grandma, living life with my grand kids I continue to be in awe of the joy that children are and bring!

The saying, “Laughter does good like a medicine” is not only a great declaration it is actually a true fact!  New research indicates that laughing with friends releases feel-good chemicals, which also relieves pain.  Until now, scientists haven’t proven that like exercise and other activities, laughing causes a release of endorphins.  For my upper left-hemisphere thinkers…researchers believe that the long series of exhalations that accompany true laughter cause physical exhaustion of the abdominal muscles and in turn, trigger endorphin release. From experience, I just know laughter makes me feel better! 

imagination-mindmapAnother important trait of children is their vast and abundant imagination.  Children often use narratives or pretend play in order to exercise their imagination. The make-believe, out of the box, forming new images in the mind that have not been previously experienced, creativity and artistic expression assist the mind to be free from external limitations.  My 4 year old granddaughter Evah, is a right brain upper cerebral thinker.  She is artistic, expressive, unconventional, loves variety and using her imagination.  Recently, while playing together, we had lost a member of our “paper doll princess going to the ball” ensemble.  Evah said to me, “Mama, let’s close our eyes and use our imagination to show us where the doll is, cause it works!”  She closed her eyes tightly and visualized the missing princess piece. And find it we did!  The best part of Evah’s imagination, to me, is how much joy she receives.  photo-23You will often hear her laughing….out loud…to one of her made up jokes or silly stories she loves to tell.  Yes, they are “off the wall” with little logic to them, yet fill her heart and mine with great happiness and laughter!  And really, we should laugh until our belly hurts and then just a little bit more!

The popular song, “What the World Needs Now is Love Sweet Love” is absolutely true.  I just might add…..and huge doses of laughter!  We adults have a bit of catching up to do with our kids…..15 to 400!  With awareness of the extreme benefits that laughter does to our hearts and minds and to our immune systems, we should be practicing this “homemade trait” more often!  Today, sit down and play with a child, turn on a funny TV program, visit with a long time friend and share fond memories together. this-laughter Your body, soul and mind are longing for that deep full belly laugh….come on now….laugh out loud!

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Few people have empowered me in the way Sandi Krakowski has.  Now let me rephrase that…. many people have poured into my life which I am so grateful,womanholdingworld and I bask in the beauty of each one’s input.  However, in the changing times we are blessed to be living in, along with my own personal life journey, having tapped into Sandi and her training in social media has been a complete god-send.  As a person, she is captivating, out of the box, an original and so life giving!  As an expert (and she actually is) in her field, Sandi gives freely of her experience and success (I like that.)

What sets her a part from many leaders, trainers and teachers is her ability to communicate with tangible and concrete methods which allowed me to actually put feet to the theory being taught.  Knowledge becomes relevant when applied and leads to results (and I really like that!)  Too often “experts” teach/communicate the ‘what’, ‘why’, and ‘who’ yet rarely instruct on the ‘how to’.  To have an idea, product, etc is only beneficial if one knows how to execute/implement the what, why, who by discovering HOW to do it.

 Whether you are in business, ministry or any other field, our world has changed and social media is leading this change!  These changes are good when we look through the eyes of wonder and how we can contribute and impact “our world” for the better.  Using a social media platform is a great way to be heard and you simply ‘showing up’ demonstrates your care and intention to add value to someone or many lives!



If you are looking for an authentic and experienced hands on trainer who is doing it….then look no further!  I highly recommend Sandi & her training, which she brings practical and tangible applications to you, then it’s your turn to put it all into practice!

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While raising our son, like many parents, my husband and I wanted to teach and instill values in him that reflected our core beliefs, that would help him to become a good citizen, contribute to society and most importantly that he would like himself and therefore enjoy others.  Giving….learning to receive and to give to others is a strong value of ours as a family.  Practicing generosity was high on our day to day list.

A girl plays on an artwork made of unwanted toys at the solo exhibition of Japanese artist Hiroshi Fuji, in TokyoWhen our son Caleb was 8 years old, we sold everything, our house, belongings, pets, everything, to move to Mexico and then on to Central America for a period of four years.  Living in a 33 foot trailer we couldn’t keep a lot of ‘stuff’  We would practice the “river principle.”  When something came in, something had to go out.  For example, when Caleb received a new toy from someone, he had to give a toy to another child otherwise we would get a build up of stuff and we just didn’t have room.

The “river principle” would become a part of our value system lived out not only in the toy department but in almost every area of life.  We would learn to receive generously as well as to give generously.  This transferred into diverse forms of giving; kind & encouraging words, tokens of appreciation, volunteering of time, helping hands and the giving of gifts.stock-footage-mountain-river-flows-among-the-deciduous-forest-steep-banks-fast-flowing

Grooming a selfless, generous, giving spirit in your child is not only possible and highly beneficial to them and to society in general, this will also combat the “give me now” generation that is wreaking havoc that we sometimes encounter in our families, in grocery store line ups, schools etc.  Yes it’s true, out of our need for living space we began practicing the “river principle” yet, truthfully we began when our son was much younger.  He was an only child who could have had it all, new clothes, new toys, new everything.  Yet, we chose to take the advise we heard from Oprah Winfrey which was, “Act as if you have 5 kids!”  Such great advice!  Totally useful as we would go on to help run a children’s home in the middle of the jungle in Central America!

While there, teaching and training the impoverished children, we taught and lived out the “river principle.”  It’s amazing what would be given to the children in the home!  They would receive far more than what they needed.  Along with our son, they would choose one item to keep and one to give away.   With joy, the children would load up the ‘extra’ toys, clothes, etc into our truck and off we would go to the villages to joyfully give out of our overflow.  The river was always flowing. kidsgiving

Problems, trouble, bad attitude, ‘give me this give me that’ kind of mentality is actually easier to solve than most parents realize.  We do our kids a huge disservice by not teaching and modeling to serve others……..we must keep the river flowing.  Water that gets stagnant and plugged up, becomes stinky, dirty, and is not useful.

To become a good giver you actually have to become a good receiver.  Perhaps, we as parents should focus more on how to receive properly. By developing a thankful heart, saying the simple words, “Thank you” is such a great place to start!  From that place giving would be a much simpler step and the river would keep on flowing!16149_thankyou_smiley

I understand that teaching core values and modeling good behavior is of utmost priority to you as a parent.  To assist you in this worthy calling (the ancient Proverb comes to mind, “Train up a child in the way he/she should go”), there are several profiles available to you:

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Cheers to your success and happiness!

Always in your corner, Kristen

What led me to be trained and certified as a NBI Whole Brain Practitioner is quite a story – a story of frustration to be honest.  I do have a diverse career and life background and I have felt I was a “Jack of All Trades, Master of None.”  In my most recent career field, I was frustrated, felt trapped and had given up hope for things changing even to the point of physical illness – it had gotten that bad.jackofalltrades

My problem, let me say it again, MY problem, was I did not know what I wanted.  I had lived this way for years and it showed!  A friend of mine recommended I have my brain profiled to discover what my brain preferred and to help me rediscover what I really wanted to do with my life.  I had entered the “Mid Life” years and desired to do something with my life that I would be passionate about, dare I even hope good at, and most importantly that I would add value to other people’s lives.

I found exactly what I was looking for!  My brain profile helped to clarify MY preferences, no one else’s, no one’s suggestions for what I should or shouldn’t do, but the profile showed exactly what my brain preferred and I chose a life path that has brought me greater joy than I have experienced in a very long time!

I HAD to pursue knowing more about this incredible tool that I was so thankful in discovering.  If it helped me as much as it had, and still does, I was hopeful that it too would help others that I knew were in a similar place as me.

Perhaps you chose a career a long time ago that was a “wise” thing to do or a “safe” move at the time.  Or it is possible you are in a field of work that your parents had desired for you.  Or maybe you are simply “lost” or “stuck” and need some clarity and direction.  Man Sitting In Valley As we all know, relationships are fragile, it could be that you need to understand yourself better in order to improve your awareness and understanding of those closest to you for more peace and harmony for everyone.

I do know this…..there is nothing new under the sun, and somehow someway we are all similar in that we are on a journey and perhaps that is where you are at today…...the road to discover your brilliance!road-to-discovery-642-380

 Discovery Street need not be stressful nor intimidating!  Would love to come alongside on your exciting journey! CONNECT BY CLICKING HERE

cartoonsingingI remember singing this song, “Never the Same Again” in church when I was about 16 years old.  It was like the version of American/Canadian Idol, it had to be as I wasn’t a good singer nor my girlfriend who accompanied me.  I guess to deal with my boredom, as I was made to attend church services by my parents, I signed up to sing this duet.  Thank goodness my older sister accompanied us on the piano and added her amazing voice and harmony!

Little did I know that a few years later I would experience the words of this particular song in a very real way….. I would never be the same again.  My sister was due to have her baby in 6 weeks and my family was very excited to add another little one to the close knit family that we airshowwere.  I remember it was the ‘Air Show’ weekend in my city and my brother & his family were visiting.  All seemed normal until……

Receiving the phone call that my sister, Kari, was in the hospital in need of a C-section was not a real shock as she had had a tough pregnancy battling with toxemia and on bed rest most of the time.  I eagerly grabbed my bag and headed to the hospital knowing I would soon be holding the precious bundle in my arms!  August 10th at 7pm, as the doctor came out of the OR, his face demonstrated something, I just couldn’t put my finger on it, but in seconds I would.  Kari died shortly after her baby girl was delivered.  The mystery of what happened would take weeks to discover, but for now in this moment, on August 10th at 7pm I had to register this news that hit my ears but not my brain…….it just wasn’t true, it couldn’t be, who dies in childbirth these days in Canada!  My mind went into shock mode and I heard the first words out of my mouth, “No, she isn’t!”  I was determined to see her to prove the doctor wrong.  My persistence was given in to and I was led into the room where she was.  She lay on a cot with tubes coming out of her mouth….death had indeed taken her.

I would never be the same again.crumpled paper

Pain ripped through my body.  It was cutting, cruel and merciless.  The next few days were ones of deep darkness, void of feeling, a stupor.  We had a funeral to plan because that’s what we do…..we prepare a large event with our hearts cut out of us, walking around like zombies a week after someone we love dies. We do this so others get closure and can move on with their lives…..While preparing for Kari’s funeral I distinctly heard a voice within me. I felt an impression on my heart and as I leaned into it more I heard, “This will make you either better or bitter.”  It was so loud, so real, so powerful.  During the months following my precious sister’s tragic and sudden death, I would play these words over and over again in my mind.  neverthesame1

I made a decision, even with the intense grief I was in…..to refuse to be bitter, as I knew this would not be beneficial to those I loved, to myself, nor to Kari’s legacy……her beautiful daughter! And from this decision, this choice made, I can honestly say, “I’ve never been the same again!”


Making a decision is both profound and powerful and affects who we are.  Our decisions put us on a path to discover our purpose in life and gives us the power to keep moving forward!  We are never the same again as we go from increase to increase and discovery to discovery!

I would love to assist you in your discovery process.  Contact me by CLICKING HERE and let’s explore your options!

Changing for the better,


puzzle   A wise man once asked me, “What is the most important piece of a puzzle?” As I pondered my answer and knowing the man a little, I knew it was one of those ‘deep’ questions and the answer wouldn’t be too obvious. Yet, I had no idea that the actual answer would be so profound and become something that I would use in my life over and over again.  That is when true wisdom is caught not just taught.

The answer to this riddle, I mean question is……the most important piece of the puzzle is the MISSING ONE!  Not the edge piece, nor the center piece as I was deeply considering as I know some like to build their puzzle from this spot  ….the missing piece is of course the answer because without that piece the puzzle is not complete.bluemissingpiece

I found myself a few years back in a situation where the missing piece was being sought after in a desperate kind of way.  It was during an intense time of my life at my workplace.  The senior leadership team I was a part of, we were in a tight spot, a pickle, in need of, you guessed it…..a missing piece.  Times of transition are not easy as most of us are aware, and workplacepuzzleseeking assistance to help navigate is pure wisdom.  We, the team, agreed to seek guidance…..yet, we sought out our ‘missing piece’ from a source that instead of making our situation easier, simpler, bringing clarity out of the seeming chaos we all found ourselves in, matters got muckier, more confusing than when we started!

When seeking assistance, guidance and counsel it is a wise thing to first, be aware of the need you have , then seek the correct “remedy” or missing piece for that need from those who are experts in that specific area or field.  In our case, we sought assistance, but not from someone with the experience and skills necessary to help us sort out our mess.  So our mess just got….messier!  It was like we took a piece from an entirely different puzzle that in no way would make our puzzle complete!

messybabyLesson learned…..the hard way!  Yet,  I believe we gain from times of error or failure and the wisdom received or “caught” is invaluable. My take away from this experience is…….the missing piece is…..sorry to break it to you….. not an easy cookie cutter obvious answer!   There is so much diversity in life and in relationships, including work relationships, that understanding ‘one size’ does not fit all, that the answer (perhaps even the last missing piece of the puzzle) may rather be found in a more creative, explorative, non black and white, stay true to yourself, embrace and dare I say, even to enjoy the journey!

There you have it, the answer to this riddle….the most important piece of the puzzle is??  There really is no one answer….enjoy the journey!

Happy Adventures,


P.S. I am finding that brain profiling is empowering people and contributing in shaping the missing piece of their puzzle….and remember it’s only one piece :) CLICK HERE to find out more about Brain Profiling.

I am made aware lately and not to my liking, that I can no longer read the labels on products in the grocery store without my glasses.  Digging for my glasses from my hand bag while holding a can of soup is becoming rather irritating for me.  I may find myself checking into laser eye surgery in the very near future!

womangrocerystoreI am one who prefers to read labels.  I don’t like not knowing what’s inside.  If companies and governments find it  beneficial to put labels of the contents on the products, then I am certainly taking the time out of my busy schedule to read them.

Labels…..this experience, (of digging for my glasses to read the labels) triggered a dream I had awhile ago.  In the dream, I was covered with a whole bunch of sticky notes,womanstickynotes the kind used in offices everywhere and by the very organized ones in the home.  I had dozens of yellow sticky notes all over my body.  Each note had a word/name on it.  And I realized in my dream, the words were what others had deemed me to be.  Not saying they were all bad, but knowing how I felt in my dream I sensed the labels were not liberating.  In the next part of my dream, a wind began to blow, and all the sticky notes blew away and there I was…..label free!

In regards to purchasing food items, labeling is super beneficial.  Yet, when it comes to people……I believe labeling someone so that another can put them ‘into a box’ is wrong. womaninbox We are all so multi-dimensional it is impossible to figure any one person out completely and why would we even want to, it would ruin the adventure of discovery!  Relationships begin to die when we label and place people in boxes.

At the time of my dream, I was experiencing this very thing, there were some who were trying to figure me out, put a label on me, “You’re this, or you’re that.”  Trust me, it wasn’t to better me….it was so they could create boxes, which limits people’s natural  and supernatural expressions.   Not a liberating experience at all!

A wise king once wrote, “As a man thinks in his heart so is he.” What you believe about yourself can redefine you. Knowing yourself is worth the time, effort, and investment as this leads to taking limits/labels off and anything that constricts, restricts and confines you because you are not placed into a box but rather you are in a wide open spaceous place that allows for creativity, discovery, and exploration! 

Usually fear or ignorance is at the root of people attempting to control others by putting labels on them or putting them into boxes.  Always remember that understanding yourself leads to clarity which is power and you are created to be a powerful person.

SkyHighway copy

Don’t ever let anyone turn your sky into a ceiling!  Take the limits off….or better yet….take the labels off!

PS If you have come to the conclusion that knowing yourself is worth the time, effort, and investment, CLICK HERE to contact me!


This Too Shall Pass

Kristen Olynick —  July 17, 2013 — 2 Comments

 boardgame2I’m asked, “What is one thing that people don’t know about you?”  I’m sure you have been as well.  It’s a question asked while playing board games and I love digging deep to try to find something creative that no one around the game table would know about me…….which is tricky when you’ve been married for 27 years and he’s playing too!

Putting lightness aside for a moment and I promise, (myself mostly), it will be for just a moment.  One thing that most people for certain do not know about me is how difficult it is to raise a special needs adoptive daughter, (she came to us when she was 11 years old), and who also struggles with mental health issues.

Today our precious daughter is in her low, or depressed state of what has been diagnosed as bi-polar.  There is usually several days of lowness before the big “dip”  Try as we do to prevent, de-trigger & avoid the “dip,” alas it comes……brutally, painfully…… for her, my husband and me.

It’s true the low stage will pass…..I declare one of my favorite scripture verses of all time often during this stage, “This too shall pass.”   It helps.shot-thru-heart-6312033

Yes, brighter days follow this intense time….yet, the pain involved is fatiguing and leaves an arrow in my heart.

Some of my close friends will ask me, “What does it look like during this time?”  See, like most parents of special needs/mental health children, we tend to cover, to hide behind closed doors, to certainly not expose the ‘ugliness’ of our daughter’s behavior at this time.  We suffer in silence.  When I do open up and share (just a little), I am met with astonished looks as one would never know I was dealing with such trauma in my life…..and on a regular basis.

Everyone is unique and each family that deals with a loved one suffering in this way will have their own story to tell.  I am simply opening up mine.  During this low time we can expect the following:  irrational thinking and behavior, violent outbursts in word and action, destruction of property, barricading herself in her room often going 3 days without showing herself (this has included no food and using a bucket for bathroom purposes).  HandsBehindPrisonBarsVectorMaybe you can see why I don’t share this……until now.

Why now?  There are days I feel trapped, in my own home, in myself.  Not sure where to turn to for freedom from this seeming prison state.  Of course I have measures in place, support systems such as respite, mental health team, psychiatrist, art therapy, etc.  I am my daughter’s greatest advocate.  Still…..it feels hopeless at times.

However, two years ago, I fell trap to keeping silent and found myself stuck, immobile,  isolated, filled with pain and fear of today and the future.  I refuse to get stuck again.  Communicating and facing my pain and fear has permitted me to come out of my own self inflicted prison and I’ll never go back there…..ever again!

This too shall pass.  The brighter days are ahead.  The sun begins to peek through my daughter’s mind and suddenly there is a shift, movement, the change has come.  She will come forth, often with little memory of the intensity of what just took place.

What comes next is best described by my daughter herself, “Mom, I’m in my happy place!” hearthappyface This does bring a big smile to my face and a little one to my heart.

Have you ever gotten stuck?  I have shared how I did and one way I got ‘unstuck’ was I had my brain profile done and used this awareness to bring understanding which brought me clarity which led to me getting my power back……it can happen to you too, I believe!

He had a burning inside him.  It didn’t make sense to the logical mind.  He had just completed a degree in business and with his upbringing it appeared to redicecreamparlorbe the career direction he would be best suited for. His parents had been business owners all his life; owning ice cream parlors, bowling alley’s during the 50′s and 60′s, booming enterprises for young people and families.

With a wife and two babies to provide for, student loans to pay back as well as parents, his business degree was going to be put to good use and get him started in order to pay back the monies owed and build a future for his young family.  He got a job working for a company.

colorbowlingalleyIt was apparent quite early on….an unsettling feeling….a feeling of disillusionment, sadness……being trapped.  It wasn’t too long before he mentioned to his young wife, “I can’t do this for the rest of my life. I want to go West!  I want to go where there are trees, forests, greenery…..”

carThey packed up and drove and drove and drove.  Three thousand miles in a 1954 Ford station wagon with 2 babies and a heart full of hope!  Applying and being accepted into the University of Oregon’s Forestry Program was a dream come true.  Another 4 years….more student loans….and baby #3!

Having completed his 2nd degree, he was employed…..this time….up North!  Canada!  Packing up his growing family, in the same car, they drove north, not thousands of miles this time, just hundreds.  Passing through the US/Canada border March 22, 1966 with the interior of BC being the final destination.  And baby #4 was added.  He would go on to be employed with the same company for the next 22 years of his life…..as a Forester.mancar

I honor this man for many reasons.  His adventurous spirit, not easy especially in the 60′s (remember there was no internet, long distance phoning was extremely expensive, it was an whole different world back then).  He adjusted course even when it didn’t make sense to others (parents, in-laws, siblings, friends etc).  He had grown up in the business arena, wouldn’t it be ‘natural’ to use the skills and experience acquired?  Instead, he chose to follow his heart……it took time, energy, money, yet he chose to stay true to himself despite the misunderstanding of others and he pursued his passions.

As a Forester, his hobbies and interests could also be lived out more easily;  hunting, fishing, hiking and living in the great outdoors!  Kudos to this man…….this man is indeed…….my dad!

I could have helped dear old dad save literally thousands of dollars on his education costs by simply having his brain profile done.

I can help you get on your right path…..the first time! It is not only possible, it can save you thousands of dollars!