Hi Kristen here! Thanks for checking me out at Discover Your Brilliance. It’s what I’m passionate about doing….assisting people in discovering their brilliance.

I do a few things here.21742870_10214191648295281_578166206323523771_n

As a Certified International Whole Brain Practitioner Life/Career Coach I love helping people in the areas of personal growth and development and in discovering careers/jobs best suited for you. NBI is a cutting edge 21st century profiling tool that is scientifically based and the results are accurate and awesome.

As a Certified Relationship/Marriage Coach I passionately come alongside couples to help in areas of creating better skill sets in communication, conflict resolution and so much more! Building a strong foundation for a long lasting healthy and enjoyable relationship is not only doable it’s just plain smart. Peace and harmony are achievable goals.

As a Licensed Wedding Officiant I love assisting couples in creating the wedding day of their dreams. One size does not fit all…creating a one of kind ceremony that reflects your uniqueness as a couple is fun, easy to do and a must!

My Life.

I have a diverse background in marketplace and non-profit work both in Canada and abroad. I am an entrepreneur and I desire to assist people in a holistic fashion, body, soul and spirit.

I believe my leadership shines best when empowering and serving others to discover their own brilliance. I have the experience, enthusiasm, focus and strategies to see others succeed and to move people from average to exceptional.

I believe that life is too short to spend time wandering around the mountain. Certainly spending thousands of dollars on career fields that end up in disaster can be avoided. More skilled communication that leads to healthier, richer and more fulfilling relationships can be achieved.

There is hardly a field or area of life that cannot be enhanced by the understanding of yourself…..awareness/understanding leads to clarity which is power.


My Journey……And It Continues

What led me to be trained and certified as a NBI Whole Brain Practitioner is quite a story – a story of frustration to be honest.  I do have a diverse career and life background and I have felt I was a “Jack of All Trades, Master of None.”  In my most recent career field, I was frustrated, felt trapped and had given up hope for things changing even to the point of physical illness – it had gotten that bad.jackofalltrades

My problem, let me say it again, MY problem, was I did not know what I wanted.  I had lived this way for years and it showed!  A friend of mine recommended I have my brain profiled to discover what my brain preferred and to help me rediscover what I really wanted to do with my life.  I had entered the “Mid Life” years and desired to do something with my life that I would be passionate about, dare I even hope good at, and most importantly that I would add value to other people’s lives.

I found exactly what I was looking for!  My brain profile helped to clarify MY preferences, no one else’s, no one’s suggestions for what I should or shouldn’t do, but the profile showed exactly what my brain preferred and I chose a life path that has brought me greater joy than I have experienced in a very long time!

I HAD to pursue knowing more about this incredible tool that I was so thankful in discovering.  If it helped me as much as it had, and still does, I was hopeful that it too would help others that I knew were in a similar place as me.

Perhaps you chose a career a long time ago that was a “wise” thing to do or a “safe” move at the time.  Or it is possible you are in a field of work that your parents had desired for you.  Or maybe you are simply “lost” or “stuck” and need some clarity and direction.  Man Sitting In Valley As we all know, relationships are fragile, it could be that you need to understand yourself better in order to improve your awareness and understanding of those closest to you for more peace and harmony for everyone.

I do know this…..there is nothing new under the sun, and somehow someway we are all similar in that we are on a journey and perhaps that is where you are at today…...the road to discover your brilliance!road-to-discovery-642-380

 Discovery Street need not be stressful nor intimidating!  Would love to come alongside on your exciting journey! CONNECT BY CLICKING HERE