Go West Young Man

Kristen Olynick —  July 11, 2013 — Leave a comment

He had a burning inside him.  It didn’t make sense to the logical mind.  He had just completed a degree in business and with his upbringing it appeared to redicecreamparlorbe the career direction he would be best suited for. His parents had been business owners all his life; owning ice cream parlors, bowling alley’s during the 50′s and 60′s, booming enterprises for young people and families.

With a wife and two babies to provide for, student loans to pay back as well as parents, his business degree was going to be put to good use and get him started in order to pay back the monies owed and build a future for his young family.  He got a job working for a company.

colorbowlingalleyIt was apparent quite early on….an unsettling feeling….a feeling of disillusionment, sadness……being trapped.  It wasn’t too long before he mentioned to his young wife, “I can’t do this for the rest of my life. I want to go West!  I want to go where there are trees, forests, greenery…..”

carThey packed up and drove and drove and drove.  Three thousand miles in a 1954 Ford station wagon with 2 babies and a heart full of hope!  Applying and being accepted into the University of Oregon’s Forestry Program was a dream come true.  Another 4 years….more student loans….and baby #3!

Having completed his 2nd degree, he was employed…..this time….up North!  Canada!  Packing up his growing family, in the same car, they drove north, not thousands of miles this time, just hundreds.  Passing through the US/Canada border March 22, 1966 with the interior of BC being the final destination.  And baby #4 was added.  He would go on to be employed with the same company for the next 22 years of his life…..as a Forester.mancar

I honor this man for many reasons.  His adventurous spirit, not easy especially in the 60′s (remember there was no internet, long distance phoning was extremely expensive, it was an whole different world back then).  He adjusted course even when it didn’t make sense to others (parents, in-laws, siblings, friends etc).  He had grown up in the business arena, wouldn’t it be ‘natural’ to use the skills and experience acquired?  Instead, he chose to follow his heart……it took time, energy, money, yet he chose to stay true to himself despite the misunderstanding of others and he pursued his passions.

As a Forester, his hobbies and interests could also be lived out more easily;  hunting, fishing, hiking and living in the great outdoors!  Kudos to this man…….this man is indeed…….my dad!

I could have helped dear old dad save literally thousands of dollars on his education costs by simply having his brain profile done.

I can help you get on your right path…..the first time! It is not only possible, it can save you thousands of dollars!





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