Focus…Or You Just May Get Beat Up!

Kristen Olynick —  February 6, 2014 — Leave a comment

I learned a valuable lesson the other day. I hope I will remember it always, because it cost me something, actually it cost me quite a lot. It began when I was working diligently on several projects that were of great importance to me. I was committed to focusing on my business’ and giving them the time, energy and yes, the focus that they required and that I would remain true to myself. I was writing again, and really wanted to gain focussome ground with my book as well as pour myself into my other passions, namely my consulting and skin care business’.

I got the “call” just before noon. My girlfriend who runs several homes for special needs kids was in need of help. Oh no! Just that word “help” and people like me melt. See, I’m a right brain lower limbic (R2) empathsizer and just the word “help” or “I need you” are next to impossible for me to ignore. In a moment, I found myself saying, “I’ll be there!” Dropping everything I was working on, I made a quick call to a client to rearrange our consultation and I was out the door on my way to “help.” For some of you, this is not a distraction for you. Yet, for some wired like me, this is our distraction. We all have them, they just come in different shapes and sizes.

Off I drove to pick up the young girl in need from school. All went well for the first 2 hours of my shift. Until. From nowhere came the first punch. Then the death grip on my arm, which I still have the bruises today. The biting attempts were rather unnerving for me. Sure, I have a background in nursing and have raised a special needs adopted daughter, but a new “caregiver” can trigger a lot and trigger I sure did! Next came the worst “tackle” of my life as I was totally caught off guard. She sprang through the air, full body contact and crashed into me, pummeling my face, kicking and biting. My glasses were smashed with large chunks of my hair pulled out.  It was a bad scene.

The moral of my story because I choose to learn something from all my life experiences, the good, the bad and the ugly is, losing one’s focus… just may get beat up! The days following this incident I was very sore and needed a chiropractic adjustment as well as new glasses. I also took time to ponder my life’s choices specifically my behaviors. It’s not a bad thing or wrong to be helpful, to desire to help friends out or people with true needs. However, it is not beneficial if this behavior is fueled by doing so to neglect what is truly a need of your own….to focus on what is important to you….to believe in yourself and what your purpose in life is. For me, I so celebrate my friend’s vision and her business, yet to neglect my own is just that, neglectful.

It’s been said that if you don’t have a vision of your own support someone elses’ until you discover your own. I am 100% for you discovering your vision, your passion, to help YOU be successful.  Yes, it’s true….we may even need to refocus at times as we are all a work in progress 🙂 And remember, what we focus on we empower!refocus

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