Decision Making…..the power to make the right ones!

Kristen Olynick —  January 21, 2014 — Leave a comment

Today I Decision-Making-Strategies-590x400write about a subject matter that truly fascinates me and that I desire to increase my skill sets and awareness in, the all important area of decision making, more specifically good decision making. We make decisions every day and numerous ones throughout the day. What and who do we depend on to help us make wise and good decisions? Are there tools/resources to assist us? Who and when to seek out counsel from others? Personally, I’ve made decisions using more of an intuitive approach and values based, right brain; other times I’ve made decisions with factual discussions and practical points, left brain. Today, I choose to base my decisions using the whole brain decision-making process.

In our complicated world with the myriad of interactions we are involved in, we make decisions hundreds of times every day and nothing affects our lives more than the ability to make the……right decisions! Decisions have the power to change our lives forever. Every day we encounter happy and prosperous people as well as unhappy and suffering people, all because of the decisions they have made.

A survey of the American Management Association determined that business people make the right decisions only 50% of the time – surely that is not the acceptable standard of performance! One way of ensuring a greater success rate is to understand and apply the key to successful decision making….the whole brain process!

Understanding your brain preferences is a wise place to start, then all role players need to understand their own brain preferences and those of the other members. This applies to parenting, relationships and nearly all areas of life.leftrightbrain

Specific to parenting, parents need to understand their own preferences and that of their child in order to assist their child in choosing the right school, sports, jobs etc. For example, my son & “daughter in love” (I refer to love over using law…I’m an R2 thinker, all about the love with me:), they areschoolbus in the process of choosing a school for their daughter. They have narrowed the selection down to two. Offering a listening ear, I recognize the whole brain being used in their decision making. Knowing my son’s (R1) & daughter in loves’ (L2) preferences, I understand where their processes and preferences are coming from. Yet, they both are aware of their daughter’s highest quadrant and seek to make their decision according to what is best for her….not only themselves (such as close proximity), but looking at the bigger picture and the best fit for her.

When seeking to make wise and good decisions a whole brain process has to be followed. Here lies the key to making good decisions in life, be it in business, relationships, education, etc., develop the processes of the whole brain and apply them is the way to make sound and better decisions.

brain_all-quadrants2I hope this understanding will assist you as you have the power to make….good decisions ;)





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