Beaten & Raped at Knifepoint…June 9, 1984. This is My Story…

Kristen Olynick —  June 9, 2016 — Leave a comment

Today is an anniversary date for me. It is what it is, neither good nor bad….it’s part of my life story. I am a vibrant woman with a heart that is steadfast in looking at the good in my life and celebrating what I have. I have lived with great joys and with great sorrows…it is part of the package we all have and it’s really a beautiful one. Perspective is everything.

This date June 9th has both beauty and sorrow in it. In 1984 it was a day that turned the course of my life and impacted me so severely, yet it also ushered in a whole new path than the one I had been on.shutterstock_182120438

Yes, I was attacked, beaten and raped at knife point. The perpetrator did go to jail as I didn’t have to make any decisions in that area, it was a scenario that was out of my control…police surrounding the area and made public by both newspaper & radio…..

The trauma of this rape did leave scars; Physically, I stopped having periods, was diagnosed barren (I did have one child miraculously:), Emotionally/Mentally suffered PTSD; Relationally I became far more introverted and fearful (an understatement).

I want to speak to those who have suffered rape, trauma, loss of any kind. Knowing what I know today about how amazing we human beings are; that we are 3 parts, body soul & spirit….it takes healing in all 3 areas to really be victorious. To heal, overcome and move forward, past the pain and loss, is not only possible it is yours to have!

By nature I am a philanthropist…..having lived and worked in developing nations, serving and helping those less fortunate. I have given most of my life to assisting others in what I refer to as “Discovering Your Brilliance.” We all have brilliance in us, no matter what happens to us, what decisions we make, or mistakes made at times in life….nothing is too difficult that with assistance (divine & human:) we cannot overcome. There is always hope; the confident optimistic expectation that good is coming!11225082_10153045758506993_6417083689100243498_n

Pursuing my brilliance included training and licensing as a Whole Brain Practitioner; where understanding and awareness of how you think brings clarity to almost every area of life; relationships, business, parenting, decision making etc);  As a Certified Life Coach I13177304_965170613598472_2953226843925455359_n also understood from my life experiences that so much of our beliefs, thinking, perspectives are in our subconscious mind and to really access this mind we need the skills and tools necessary along with the willingness “to go there.”  Neurolinguistics Programming helps to re-frame thinking patterns and unlocks negative emotions, (memory is stored at a cellular level), releasing them to bring more freedom!

I meet clients (people!) everywhere…coffee shops, houses,


Skype, indoors, outdoors, just about anywhere to help bring understanding and clarity which leads to being powerful. Recently, I have a bright and colorful office space at the core of my city…..  I am so looking forward to meeting you and I’m confident that we will together discover your brilliance!


Have a better than great day! June 9th is so beautiful!

With love & laughter,


Certified International Whole Brain Practitioner
CCF – Certified Coaches Federation
NLP – Neurolinguistics Programming
Licensed Marriage Coach
Licensed Wedding Officiant



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