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Merry Christmas and a _______ New Year!

First and foremost I want to take this moment to wish you a Merry Christmas from the bottom of my heart!

I am grateful for the relationship we have whether it be though personal friendship, social media, or any other means.

I imagine you are wondering why I put: “________ New Year!” in the subject line?

The reason is, I would like you to consider giving yourself a unique gift this holiday season.

A gift that requires vulnerability.

What do you really desire your New Year to be like?

Of course there will always be challenges, yet what type of overall theme do you desire for 2017?

What type of words come to mind to describe your year ahead. Prosperity? Healthy? Family? Benevolent?  Debt Free? Abundance? Influential? Clarity of Purpose? Author? Etc. I encourage you to be vulnerable and connect with your heart.

Take some time to write these down on a piece of paper or even create a Dream Board.  CLICK HERE for ideas about a Dream Board or Google it on your own.

Dream Board Example

Dream Board Example

Make sure you put your Dream Board somewhere that you can see everyday. Speak the words, touch the dream board, meditate on what is there and take steps everyday to move in the direction of your desires and dreams.

I would also like to challenge you to ask others about their desires and dreams for 2017. Listen to them. They may even ask you about your dreams and desires! If they don’t that is okay too….. :) People are people and not all have developed a skill of listening. As you listen to others, things in you will percolate further and bring increased clarity.

If you need further assistance or a coach to bring clarity in your life, please connect with me at  I have helped and am assisting many others as a Certified Life Coach and Whole Brain Practitioner.

Once again, I really encourage you to give yourself the gift indicated above this Christmas break and let the overflow of your gift pour into the lives of others!

Blessings and love,


Facing Stage 4 cancer, couple elopes on Aquabus

Often when we open our hearts to new possibilities and get out of our comfort zones, many amazing things can transpire and interesting doors can swing open. This happened to me recently, as I have been serving many couples prepare and officiate their weddings.  CTV News in Vancouver, BC did a story on a wedding I officiated last weekend. Here it is:


The Twelfth Man

Brian Olynick —  February 14, 2014 — Leave a comment

Today I’m featuring my Valentine of 28 years….my hubby Brian Olynick! Brian is a “stay true to you” kind of guy and is a talented metaphoric/pictorial writer/speaker and thinker! I love his R1 brain! Often I misspell his name…brain/brian :)  Needless to say, I love him and how he thinks! Take time to read this excellent write up and I hope it encourages you as it has me.

The 2014 Superbowl winners, the Seattle Seahawks, are well recognized for their ‘twelfth man.‘ The Seahawks scored twelve seconds into the start of the game on an offensive blooper by the opposing team, the Denver Broncos. The score was contributed to the ‘twelfth man’ of the hawks. As many of you know, each team is allowed eleven players on the field at a time, whether on offense or defense. The ‘twelfth man’ of the Seahawks actually are the fans in attendance!

Century Link Field, Seattle’s stadium, is recognized as the loudest in the National Football League, thus the slogan the‘twelfth man.’ Visiting teams dread playing in Century Link as their offense struggles to hear the audibles by their quarterback which gives Seattle a crazy edge. When the hawks are on offense the ‘twelfth man’ is quiet as a church mouse so ‘their’ quarterback can sound off clear audibles for his team. For the record, the Seattle Seahawks are a great team with the best defense in the league…..the ‘twelfth man’ adds to their greatness.

When you have a ‘twelfth man’ factor, other good things can happen. On the kick off to start the second half, Seattle ran the kickoff to score a touchdown….guess how many seconds into the half…twelve seconds!

There are 2 twelve hour segments on our clock to add up to the 24 hours in a day. Twelve can represent that time is on our side.

The ‘twelfth man’ of the Seattle Seahawks are significant fans with names and faces that create an edge for their team. We all need a ‘twelfth man’ in our lives that cheer for us, celebrate us, encourage us. We need to be the ‘twelfth man’ for others too! It stimulates us to be great, be confident, walk with authority. Take a moment to recognize those who are your ‘twelfth man’ in this season of your life. Also, be cognizant of who you are cheering on and celebrating. Let them know you are part of their ‘twelfth man!’

The ‘twelfth man’ of Seattle all have the common passion for football. Although, within the common love and interest of the game is great diversity, such as defense, offense, coaching, special teams, etc. We all need to know what our distinctives and unique qualities are to give us an edge in our game. Kristen would love to assist you in this with her signature Discover Your Brilliance to help give you an edge in your life.

Celebrating you!

Brian Olynick


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