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Kristen Olynick —  November 19, 2013 — Leave a comment

Recently on face book I encountered a game.  I was totally unawares that it was a game.  I had just finished reading 12 things a friend wrote about herself that others may not have known.  I was actually blown away by how awesome she is.  My heart seemed to smile as I finished reading her 12 things and I felt I knew her just a wee bit more.

Just as I “Liked” her post and wrote “You are amazing” I received a post to my timeline from my amazing friend.  “Ok, so I guess the game goes like this, you like or comment on a status and you’re given a number to repeat the process. So, I give you 12 as well:)”

I have never played games on face book just because I usually don’t take the time…for such trivial things 🙂

Before I knew it, my creative juices began flowing and I was writing…thoughts poured from my memory bank and within 3 minutes I had my 12:

1) I love numbers!! Referring to their meaning not an accountant numbers person
2) While serving as my grad class President I got into a fist fight with the Secretary/Treasurer & was suspended
3) I had to wear the hand me down underwear of my older sister & let’s just say she wasn’t a size small
4) One New Years Eve in Mexico I had emergency surgery & was operated on, cut hip bone to hip bone without anesthetic….really wanted a whiskey bottle!
5) Always wanted 3 sons…..what was I thinking?!! Daughters are amazing!!
6) I may appear an extrovert (just because I love ppl & their stories) yet by nature am an intuitive introvert
7) Need 3 lifetimes to do all that I want to do….i’m addicted to change from the place of wanting to do new things…all the time!!
Met & married my guy in a 4 month window, been married 27.5 years….we also work together in biz & ministry
9) Freakishly afraid of mosquitos….specifically what they give you!
10) I am a recovering people pleaser.
11) My fight or flight reactors are almost always on: I once came upon a horrific brawl btwn 2 ginormous men…without a moments thought I jumped onto one guys back (all 108 lbs of me) & whispered into his ear “You don’t want to do this” And he stopped smashing the other guys face into a car bumper.
12) I am more afraid of success than failure….working on that

The responses and likes were quick to come in.  One thing I learned from this “game” is that we as human beings enjoy learning about ourselves and others….we enjoy stories.  I believe companies such as Starbucks have really tapped into this human desire of ours in the 21st century.

As I thought further about this game and games in general I recalled the famous quote of Albert Einstein “Games are the most elevated form of investigation.”game

Then I thought further and deeper…..we live in the Information Era….such a left-brain world it is!  With computer programming (programmed us right out of our right hemisphere that’s for sure) to our school, business and health systems, just about everything in our Western society is programmed for the processes of the left-brain.  Truly it is imperative to not only value the processes of our right hemisphere such as investigation, problem solving, empathy, holistic & big picture thinking, strategy, variety, networking, communication, intuition to name just a few but we need to utilize these valuable processes.

The times we live in are demanding these processes as our world and how we do business is changing. Could it be a simple shift is called for?  A shift from the left-brain (not forsaking it….it’s just not all sufficient, to the much needed, sought after, in high demand processes of our right brain.

Think about this…..there is a whole other world that we must integrate in order to meet the challenges of the next century…..and it’s just across the way 🙂Two Hemispheres

Are you predominantly a left-brain (analytical & factual) or right-brain (holistic & strategic ) processor?

Do you prefer organization & detail (left-brain) or interpersonal & unorthodox (right-brain)

The Brain Profile gives an indication of how:

  • You act towards other people
  • You do business
  • You communicate
  • You learn
  • You teach
  • You solve problems
  • You form relationships
  • You play sport etc.

CLICK HERE to explore your brain profile options.

Being aware of your thinking preferences will assist in almost every field of life and prepare you for the 21st century shift!











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