All Things Become New….er!

Kristen Olynick —  January 3, 2014 — Leave a comment

I’m excited to share with you a new aspect of discover your brilliance! But before I do, I want to go back a few years and share my skin care journey with you. It all began in 2008 when I was invited by a friend to a skin care party. While there I had my feet soaked, my face masked and my hands smothered in expoliation creme. The hostess was working her tail off to soak about 8 pairs of feet and hands let alone applying cremes & lotions to our faces. What was troubling to me was that there were about 7 steps to the skin care process for my face and I was left feeling confused and overwhelmed, “Why couldn’t there be a one step system for people like me?”  I had become interested in skin care for the following reason: having used soap and water my entire life and now in my 40′s I was noticing some changes that weren’t good. While watching Oprah one day, she was promoting the use of Preparation H for under the eyes.Preparation_H_Maximum_Strength_Pain_Relief_Cream_Main In my new found zeal for skin care I rushed to my local Walmart and proceeded to fill my buggy with boxes of the precious product. At the check out my “eyes” were opened to the realization of what I had in my buggy and with a nervous chuckle I explained to the clerk, with an entire line up of customers, that I was not using the product on the area that it was really for….but for under my eyes cause that’s what Oprah said to do. So embarrassing.

I used that product for quite some time before family members and close friends began asking me if I felt okay. Looking into the mirror one day I noticed I had what looked like elephant skin, wrinkly dry skin and I had aged dramatically. I immediately stopped the Preparation H usage and my skin began to recover. Since this experience, I have tried every potion, product and resource available to no avail.  Until…….

I first heard of Nerium from a friend. I gave it a try and after only 2 weeks my close friend Annabel contacted me after seeing a recent photo on my facebook timeline. photo-36She asked if I had had botox done to my face. With joy I let her know that I hadn’t but that I had a secret. Annabel immediately insisted I bring her a bottle of what we both referred to as “botox in a bottle” and since this time I am sharing my secret “good news” with my friends and family.

nerium3I am thankful to have discovered what for me is a great natural skin care product that yes, has a one-step system! I use the night cream and the day moisturizer and my skin couldn’t look better….in my humble opinion. I honestly feel better, no dryness, my pores have shrunk and yes, even my fine wrinkles have disappeared.

I’m all for discovering your brilliance and being the best you can be from the inside out!  And I do believe that all things can become new :)


PS. Don’t you think FREE is brilliant? I can help you get your Nerium skin care for FREE.

PSS Nerium has grown astronomically since beginning only two years ago to a $300 million company in the USA alone with only one product. With more products about to be released, new countries primed to open, combined with an amazing personal development system this is a remarkable opportunity. I am currently looking for brand partners to join me on my mission to help others find financial freedom while developing leaders for tomorrow. CLICK HERE to contact me directly



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