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Time is the only commodity we are running out of.
Understanding your brain preferences will bring clarity, which leads to power!


Invest in yourself! YOU are so worth it!


It is essential to understand your preferences before deciding to change, to shift paradigms or to develop particular skills.  Some of the fields in which the preference profiles have been put to good use are:


*The business world

*Schools and other academic institutions

*Human relationships

*Personal growth


The Whole Brain

It was in 400 BC that the Father of Medicine, Hippocrates, first discovered while performing autopsies on brains, that the brain of man is double. He made the connection that the loss of speech was directly the result of damage to the left side of the brain.

Breakthrough split-brain surgeries were performed in the 1960’s, which resulted in the knowledge that the 2 hemispheres control vastly different aspects of thought and action.

This breakthrough was followed by brain dominance research on left/right brain functions and the NBI was developed in 1980.


NBI – Neethling Brain Instrument

The Neething Brain Instruments, computer programmes designed to determine your thinking preferences, will form the basis of the discussion on whole brain thinking.  These programs were developed after extensive international research since 1980 on left/right brain functioning.  The results of research on NBI have been very significant and ongoing research at a number of universities and institutes remains an essential part of whole brain science.

Always keep the following in mind:

*No brain profile is good or bad

*The NBI measures brain preferences, but not necessarily skills

*The brain profile gives an indication of how

-you communicate

-you act towards other people/in certain situations

-you do business

-you learn

-you teach

-comfortable (content) you would be in a certain career

-you solve problems

-you make decisions, etc


The Whole Brain in Action in:

*Communication, Relationships And Business – one of the key elements in relationships is communication.  This holds just as true in business.  How can we use our insight into the whole brain to understand different communication styles, and to accommodate these different styles?

*Job And Skills Instrument – whether a student making subject or study direction or whether it is a person choosing a career, the skills instrument will assist in determining what you are good at.  Not only choosing a job/career that you can do (skills), but also the job/career that you will love doing (preferences).

*Leadership – the 21st century leader will need to be a whole brain leader that understands the different brain preferences of his or her team and leads individuals in a way that would inspire them most.

*Teaching And Learning – teachers, trainers, parents as well as learners need to understand the meaning and impact of whole brain teaching.

*Creativity And Parenting – parents (and everyone else), need to develop whole brain creativity.  Understanding the child’s unique preferences is essential for successful parenting.

*Sport And A Healthy Lifestyle – these two go hand in hand.  The whole brain approach allows for greater success in activities and healthy eating style.



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